Bjj Camp

Jiu Jitsu Camp - Şirince

25-29 May 2016

  • 5 Days Training Camp
  • Easy Access to Turistic Places and Beaches
  • Accommodation included
  • 3 meals per day included
  • Loundry service is avaliable


Şirince is a small and historical village which is located 80km from İzmir.Its famous with its nature and vines.

The Ancient City of Ephesus is just 15-20min away from facilities

The House of Virgin Marry are just 15-20min away from facilities

The Closest beach ( pamucak ) is just 15-20min away from facilities


More than 200m2 mat space in total including indoors and outdoors

Beautiful green Atrium


Rooms for 2 , 4 , 6 people avaliable. Rooms are by the traning facilities

Camp Photos


Sirince is a village in the town called Selcuk, which is located in the south west of Turkey, close to Izmir.

İzmir – Selcuk: 75 km.
Selcuk – Sirince: 8 km.
Sirince – Madrasa: 600 m.

HOW TO ARRIVE SELCUK (pronounced Seldjouk)
By Plane:
The nearest international airport to Selcuk is in Izmir. First, you are supposed to arrive at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. There is always a high probability of finding cheap tickets if you come from abroad. From airport to Selcuk, you can either take a bus or a train. There is a direct train to Selcuk, which unfortunately travel only 6 times a day. See schedule If you take the bus travelling between Gaziemir and Selcuk, you first should go to Tansaş (pronounced Tansash) by taxi. It takes only 5 minutes from the airport. There is a bus at every 40 minutes from 6:55 am till 9:15 pm. Tip: Onur Air has a direct shuttle service (free of charge) from airport to Selcuk.

By Bus:
There are bus companies that have regular services to Selcuk from many cities of Turkey. If you can not find a bus which directly comes to Selcuk, you should first come to Izmir’s main bus station. There is a bus from there to Selcuk in every 40 minutes between 6:30 am and 8:30 pm.  

By Train:
There are train services that travel to Selcuk regularly from some cities of Turkey.

HOW TO REACH SIRINCE (pronounced Shirindjé)
In Selcuk, you should take minibuses to Sirince. The schedule is as follows:
7 am  - 10 am                          every 20 minutes
10 am – 5 pm                          every 30 minutes
5 pm – 7:20 pm                       every 20 minutes
The Selcuk-Sirince minibus fare is 2,5 TL (1,1 €/1,6 $) . You can also take a taxi from Selcuk to Sirince, which costs about 60 TL (26 €/40 $).

Pricing & Payment

The price for 1 person is 400€ ( includes ; accommodation , 3xDay meal , Bjj Training )

The price for non-jiu jitsu ( family member ect. ) is 270€ ( includes ; accommodation , 3xDay meal )

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